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He eventually started playing with a speed metal band name The Ethiopians before moving onto Amboogalard.

Born June 20th, 1971, Jeordie grew up in Southern Florida with his mom and three half-brothers.Marilyn Manson (initially Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids) are an American rock band founded in 1989.Most of their early music technically falls under industrial rock with some metal elements (a metal style commonly referred to as Industrial Metal) before deciding to step foot in every genre from straight-up rock to Glam Rock, but the band are best known as shock rockers (a label they resent, as they felt they never were trying to be shocking, but just doing what they wanted,) with their graphic imagery and ruthless attacks on the mainstream media winning them a reputation of the kind seldom seen before in music.Throughout their career, Marilyn Manson have made good use of explicit live shows, controversial lyrics and outright bizarre music videos.The songs are cynical, with many lampooning conformism, social hierarchy and the media, amongst other things.

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