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For a woman romance is very important indicator of the health of a relationship. If he has to go to the thick forest deep in the night, stand still for hours, crawl on his belly, he will do so. It is also known that a Ghanaian woman will run away from a potential lover whether she likes him or not.A woman in love continually looks for verbal, written and behavioural evidence that she is loved, treasured and listened to. In the same way, a Ghanaian man will do all it takes to capture his woman. If she is not interested she will flee for her dear life.But today, Ghanaians can be divided into four main regional groups: Including the official language, which is English, these groups speak over 40 languages and 70 different dialects.The Akan languages of Twi, Ashanti and Fante are the most common.

Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the West, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. A price a groom should be prepared to pay if he has intended to marry a certain young woman on whom he had set his sights on ever since they started dating.In Ghana, it forms a key part of the traditional wedding ceremony where the groom presents money, property or some form of wealth to the brides family in exchange for the loss of her labour and all that she has to offer. He gives the woman no breathing space as he keeps his foot on the pedal.After his capture, he puts his woman into a cage and becomes a zoo keeper. He tends to separate his behaviour from his emotions.

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  1. That means sunscreen EVERY time you leave the house. The irony is, ladies, is the very skin that we were taught to believe was inherently inferior is in fact the most superior skin type of all women everywhere. And don’t think for one moment non-black men don’t consider this.

  2. A pre-cursor to the modern veil may be a tradition that originated in France where the carre, a square piece of silk fabric, was held over the bride and groom’s heads as they received the priest’s final blessing in the ceremony to ward away descending malice and the bride would also wear a wreath of flowers on her head.