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Charles Adams, FIGHT, FLIGHT AND FRAUD: THE STORY OF TAXATION 209 (1982). Adler, "A Question About Law," ESSAYS IN THOMISM 207 (Robert E.

With regard to immigrants into the southern part of the state the rule here noted is not quite so strongly marked.

As the state of Indiana is situated about in the center of the Great Middle West, it thereby becomes the dominant state of the widely ex- tended Mississippi Valley, so Clinton county, near the center of the Hoosier state, from the elements of which it is composed, its immigrants, its pioneers, constitute a superior class of people whose qualities were transmitted to the second and third generation, and today, mark the superior character of the people here in Clinton county.

Hither came the chivalric Virginian, some of them of Huguenot stock, or of noble ancestry in English families, who could trace their lineage back to William the Conqueror: or it may be, they are de- cended from the generous, big-hearted, ever kindly disposed Kentuckian, bring- ing with him his exalted ideas of the true social heritage and cult: or it may be the staid dignified Xew Englander carrying hither the genius of the proverbial wide-awake ubiquitous “Yankee.” or the astute, shrewd and viva- cious denizen of Connecticut, last but not least, comes the industrious, frugal and generous Pennsylvanian, speaking bis German patois: it may be he is from Lehigh countv from “behind Allentown.” or some other vicinage in the Keystone state, none the less renowned for the emigrants it has sent forth: all these came here making up the original stock' of our cosmopolitan popu- lation.

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